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You’ll also find that some string trimmers are lighter than others, which could make it easier to maneuver and hold for long periods of time. If you have a smaller yard, this may not be as much of a consideration, though. Husqvarna designers have focused on eliminating the needless accessories in making their 224L model the best string trimmer on the market for both professional and residential use.

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Reviewers did have varying responses to the battery life of this trimmer. Some said that they could trim for up to 30 minutes on one charged battery, whereas others said they could trim for only 15. Whether you’re looking for a heavy-duty weed eater or just something to get basic jobs done, we’ve reviewed some of the best weed eaters on the market. The products included in this article are available at various home improvement stores, local home centers, and online retailers like Amazon. If you don’t like using an extension cord while you are working in the yard, a gas trimmer such as the Husqvarna 128LD is a great option. This mower is powered by gasoline only, which is why it is lighter in weight, and doesn’t give off a lot of emissions.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy My Brush Cutter?

It’s truly a versatile trimmer with all the available attachments. Aside from the gas-powered and battery-powered variants, Husqvarna also offers combination trimmers. Just pick among 11 high-quality attachments, a hedge trimmer can turn into a tree pruner, sweeper, pole saw, hedge trimmer, tiller, or even an edger. One feature that you will surely like is how Husqvarna trimmers can operate with the least possible amount of noise. If you want a more environmentally-sustainable trimmer, Stihl offers both electric-type and battery-powered variants. These trimmers do not rely on fossil fuels, unlike the typical gasoline-powered models.

Remove the spark plug wire from the spark plug taking care not to hurt your hands. Ensure that you have the right diameter of the line to avoid jamming your gas-powered tool. Locate the starter whole where you are supposed to attach the tip of the line.

Husqvarna 128cd 2

These reliable machines are designed to handle a variety of tasks and are compatible with different attachments. There is a gas- or battery-powered model to fit nearly every weed-clearing need. You get an adjustable handle length and a translucent tank to check your fuel level. The cutting head features a bump-and-go design for the cutting spool, and you get compatibility with brush cutter heads from Wild Badger. This electric brush cutter from Greenworks is a great choice for the eco-conscious gardener.

  • This way, you can purchase the product either as a standalone unit, or with different accessories to refine your weed trimming experience.
  • For a 2-stroke engine, you’ll have to either mix gasoline and oil or buy a premixed fuel blend.
  • Luckily, though, fuel is relatively cheap, and these machines don’t run through a full tank very quickly.
  • These issues are hardly addressed in reviews that are commonly available on the internet.
  • Moreover, it comes with a two-year commercial and seven-year consumer use warranty.
  • Gas engine and battery powered tools are represented here, and all of the machines are priced in the mid range of this product category and higher.
  • The downside to many electric trimmers is that they aren’t very portable, and can only go as far as the cord will allow.
  • The product comes with numerous attachments (11 of them!) that can help you convert it to different useful tools for various types of yard activities such as edging, cutting, or mowing.
  • The Black and Decker GH900 is probably the best electric weed eater your money could buy.
  • The trimmer also has a built-in wheel to help balance the tool while edging.

Unless budget is a primary determinant in your search for a weed eater, don’t settle for a cheaper and lesser version. Your future self is bound to thank you for the high-quality product that will make your life easier for years to come. We chose models with a similar price range and performance features as our Husqvarna models. We include the price range and average customer rating of each weed eater in our analysis for your convenience.

Cut down small branches, trim shrubs, and destroy weeds, all without breaking a sweat. Your brush trimmer makes your yard work easier, reducing the time you spend on your yard maintenance. Trimming the shrubs, trees, and lawn around your house keeps it looking great and prepares your yard for the following growing season. In addition to being costlier, gas trimmers are also noisier than electric ones, they pollute the environment, and they need maintenance from time to time. Knowing the size also lets you decide between a gas and an electric model. This is important because both models have their individual pros and cons.

husqvarna weed eater reviews

Because it is slightly less powerful, this trimmer is also a bit cheaper. If you’re concerned about saving money, this is a reliable option. The engine is designed to work together with the starter so it revs up quickly rather than having to pull a cord numerous times before the engine coughs to life. We then tried corrugated plastic – like political signs you see all over the place during elections. Even with 5 and 10 pieces glued together…they just cut right through it.

A trimmer with a gasoline motor will need oil changes on a regular basis, and you will also need to change its spark plugs and air filters from time to time. First off, this weed eater also doubles a brush cutter, streamlining your landscaping with unparalleled performance. Since it’s powered by a 4 stroke engine, you need not worry about mixing oil and gas. The Ryobi ZRRY253SS 25cc 2-Cycle Gas String Trimmer is an exceptional choice for those who are wanting to acquire a weed eater that can do the job quickly. This trimmer is a great choice for a gas trimmer and has a 1HP engine, sufficient fuel tank capability, and Ryobi ZipStart system. A. After purchasing your weed trimmer, you should assemble the parts using the user manual.

PR25CD is a powerful trimmer and can even beat down an occasional twig with a little persistence. You just need to operate the trimmer and make sure that the spool of the trimmer doesn’t break off. If it does, just rewind the line at the spool and do continue your trimming. The shorter reach on this trimmer can also make it quite hard to find an ergonomic position when using it — especially if you are on the taller side. The head doesn’t extend very far and you will usually find yourself hunched over when making detailed cuts. The 115iL had plenty of power for most tasks, but took a little longer to cut through burlier items.

This machine offers you a steel cutting head with spinning blades that clear, tough debris fast. A brush cutter can chop through small branches and shrubs, where a normal line trimmer would fail. Brush cutters come with a specific design, featuring a long, straight handle for easy use overhead. When you’re considering the best gas weed eater brands, Poulan Pro should also come to mind. This model here offers a 28 cc 2-stroke engine, which delivers all the power you’ll ever need to get the job done. Featuring a 17-inch cutting swath and a dual-line bump head, this Troy-Bilt TB22 gas weed eater weighs just 15 lbs and gets its power from a 25 cc 2-stroke gasoline engine.

husqvarna weed eater reviews

Trim, edge, or cut the grass with this cordless string trimmer designed for use as a precision string trimmer, a wheeled edging tool, and a mini-mower. Just turn the head of the trimmer to suit the function and use the built-in guide wheel to support the edging and mowing function. Electric-powered models tend to be more lightweight and user-friendly than gas options. Corded electric string trimmers occasionally pose maneuverability problems, as the cord can get tangled or limit the tool user’s movement.

Neaten Up Your Hedges With One Of The Best Gas String Trimmers

Beyond giving you a large cutting area, the best is safe and easy to set up and use, especially if you have not used an eater much before. This choice gives you convenience and safety with the addition of versatility in the form of a few extra tools and uses you normally do not find on other weed eating options. The Husqvarna 520iLK also features a dual-direction function that, with the press of a button, reverses the direction of the cutting head.

husqvarna weed eater reviews

Well, this company is older than the US, which is definitely a sign of quality and traditions. Meanwhile, many residential users who only need to trim occasionally will find husqvarna weed eater reviews a battery-powered unit ideal. The same can be said of electric weed whackers, which are best suited for use in spaces that are limited in size (such as a home’s front yard).

Plus, the large, multi-position handle is a significant advantage, providing more control and customization to all users, right or left-handed. That said, it can cut 17” wide paths, which is nothing short of impressive for a straight shaft model. To top it all, it can be paired with TrimmerPlus attachments, so you can convert it to other lawn care devices as per requirements.

In many ways it is similar to the previous model but also has a few significant differences. Here you can observe the first and only trimmer on our list that comes equipped with a 4-stroke engine. The overall feel of the product is that it is made from top-notch materials, and that it is built to last, which isn’t always the case with such tools. Behind all these letters and numbers is another model that is aiming high when power, durability, and ease of use are concerned.

Trimmers are somewhat intuitive to use, but their design matters a lot in making them comfortable and fun. Instead, you can know that no matter which one you choose you’ll receive top-of-the-line power ratings. In terms of power and engine type, the Husqvarna and the Stihl are fairly similar. Both come in at roughly one horsepower and have displacements of 27–28 cubic centimeters. A. Place the machine in a position where it is supported to access the spool.

So, the Husqvarna 128CD curved shaft trimmer comes from a trusted brand that has been around for years, creating top of the line home and garden tools. This one in particular claims to be more lightweight and easier to use than that of a straight shaft. It’s good to consider what exactly your needs are before making a purchase, so you can compare them to the capabilities of the product. Gas powered trimmers are more powerful than string pull, so they are able to cut the heavier, thicker weeds. As well, some models have a straight shaft, while others have a curved one. This string trimmer made for one of the most pleasurable weed whackin’ experiences of recent memory thanks to its combination of light weight, runtime, and features.

Padded grips on the shaft and handle of the power tool help reduce vibrations through the trimmer. Strong and continuous vibrations can cause muscle fatigue and strain, but this padding keeps the user’s hands protected and makes it easier to grip the trimmer. Curved-shaft string trimmers feature a bend at the end of the shaft, near the blades, which makes them shorter in length.

I recommend this type to professionals and owners of large gardens who need higher efficiency. Husqvarna is the largest manufacturer of gardening power tools in the world. This Swedish company has been in business for almost 400 years and has experience in manufacturing not only power tools but also high-quality firearms.

Poulan Pro managed to invent the best gasoline grass trimmer model among all the cheap gas weed eaters. It is represented by a straight shaft trimmer with a 25cc 2-stroke engine that is very reliable. This best gas weed eater is easy in use, efficient and very cost-effective if to compare with other similar gas weed eaters on sale. In addition, it features a split boom shaft with a Pro-Link system that easily transforms your machine into a multi-functional yard device.

This Ryobi weed eater features excellent cutting power and an 18-inch swath. It is also backed by a three-year warranty compared to the two- year Husqvarna warranty. If you are concerned about the environment, you can opt for a battery-powered or electric Stihl weed eater instead of an oil-based one. These groundbreaking lawn mowers are lightweight, easy to start, and less noise during operation. With the effortless pull starting system, operating the weed eater is very easy.

In addition to the powerful 2-cycle gas-powered engine, Lawnmaster weed eaters also feature comfortable handles and modern design which help users to work more easily and comfortably. Like the Troy-Bilt weed eaters, Lawn Master’s weed eater does not require you to pull a rope to start the equipment. Instead, its electric push-button powered by a rechargeable lithium battery allows you to start easily.

husqvarna weed eater reviews


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